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That's Life

with Sheran Keyton

Chatting about love, life...

EVERYTHING in between!

That's Life with Sheran Keyton intro

That's Life with Sheran Keyton intro

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This is MY story

I'm a professional entertainer who loves life and lives it to the fullest. From professionally singing and acting on stage and in front of the camera to writing, directing, and producing behind a camera...I have worked tirelessly for more than three decades to hone my craft. 

I am a mom. I am a sister. I am a friend. I am a boss.

I am spunky. I am loyal. I am dependable. I am fun-loving.

I am a great listener. I give great advice. I am observant. I see something. I say something. 

Rather than limit the unsolicited, but AMAZING advice to my inbox...I will share with you my views on life...yours and MINE!!!

#YouWillBeEntertained #YouWillBeEnlightened


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