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About the Show

That's Life with Sheran Keyton began as a creative outlet to share thought-provoking topics with friends and family members during a time when tour electronics were all most of us had to connect to the outside world. In April 2020, the website, theme song, photos, marketing pieces, and more were created in the comfort of my own home. It was created to be a vlog. As with many others, my plans continued to shift as the world fluctuated between various stages of "open" and "closed". I was also thinking of ways that I could express myself in TRUE SHERAN FASHION as I grew more concerned about my ability to sing professionally again. The state of the world was only a small part of emergency vocal cord surgery just four months earlier caused me to think and rethink how I would continue to share my one of a kind brand of humor, compassion, love, and laughter with all...then this show was born.


I hope you all enjoy the 2022 evolution of That's Life with Sheran Keyton from vlogging in my kitchen to hanging out with interesting folks on a set that feels like Sheran! #LIKE #SHARE #SUBSCRIBE

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How to Watch

A new episode of That's Life with Sheran Keyton will air every other Sunday at 6:00 PM CST. Follow the four easy steps below to catch the latest OR catch up on what you missed!

ONE visit the That's Life with Sheran YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE to get notified when new episodes air.

TWO click the photo of the current episode and WATCH on the day that it airs.

THREE in case you miss an episode or want to SHARE with a friend, click on any past dated photo and the episode will begin.

FOUR go ahead and LIKE the page...just because! Preciate ya!

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S1 E1: Work/Life Balance Feat. Fort Worth Woman

Airs Sunday, May 8, 2022 6pm

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